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Hello Alexander,

The new YouTube XL is a hit. Can RevoluTV be able to pull in (user defineable) youtube "channel"?

Hm.. I think YouTube XL is better suited for work with a internet browser.

Are you still on schedule for next week release of a new (minor) version?

Yes, new version is released today.

Big Smoke:
I've had at least 5 or 6 TVs installed.

As far as the TV interface and the channel selector go, I think Revolu is best.  The one area I would like to see addressed is the ability for the user to add channels.

If I could add the channels I like to watch, I doubt I would use any other player.  Right now, I need to keep at least one other TV installed that I can add Fox 8 News out of Cleveland and a couple other channels I like to watch.  And since the broadcasters change their URLs from time to time, the ability to revise or add the channel URLs becomes even more important.

But Revolu is a great TV.  Thanks for all the hard work you do.


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