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Winyl will be open source soon

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More info:

Winyl source code will be released under GPL license soon.
I'll add more info later, check this page for news.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I hope this does not mean that you are going to abandon Winyl development.


No, it doesn't. There is no reason really to keep Winyl closed source, and it makes things easier for me.


I was thinking that Winyl development has been abandoned. Good news that it hasn't! I keep using it as my secondary player (primary being Foobar or MusicBee which has more functions) since it is lightweight and has good user interface.


I was thinking that Winyl development has been abandoned too heh
I'm glad know is not  ;D
By other side, Winyl it's my primary and only audio player, this have all what I need without make this bloated  ;D

I just hope that nobody takes the source code and makes this great program a disaster heh.


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