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Topic: Several questions from a newbie  (Read 5744 times)

June 01, 2015, 07:18:19 PM
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Several questions from a newbie
« on: June 01, 2015, 07:18:19 PM »
I was searching for a follow up for Windows Media Player, because it will disappear in Windows 10. I found Winyl and it looks great!

But I have some questions. Maybe it is not possible in Winyl, but I will ask.

Can I get a list of songs in alphabetical order? Not every time the list is in the right order.

When I have a list with a lot of songs of one artist I notice the list start again and again with a new row of songs, sometimes in alphabetical order.

I don't have names of albums in my collection. But Winyl shows for every artist an album with the name "Unknown" and I notice with a cover of one of the songs. How can I avoid names of albums?

When I do a right click on a song there is a possibility to save the cover in a map "Front". But there is no map "Front" and Winyl don't make a map "Front".  How can I save the covers?

July 18, 2015, 09:09:34 PM
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Re: Several questions from a newbie
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2015, 09:09:34 PM »
Hello Dutch person,

1. Sorting lists of songs is not currently possible in Winyl. What you could do is create a playlist and load your music in alphabetical order.
2. ?
3. One cannot avoid names of albums in Winyl, you know what, why don't you take some time to tag your music? This won't take too long and
once you have everything tagged, as you put new music in your library, tag them as well, and everything will keep beautifully tagged and players
will handle your music better. Winyl benefits from being lightweight and very well organized + lyrics + integration + other stuff I don't
particularly use, like radios, and smartlists, and miniplayer, etc, etc. Also it seems like the songs sound better in Winyl, I'm not sure why.
4. Covers are either embedded in the files, or, if you organized your collection with subfolders, artist/album (I think it is this way), then
Winyl will save the cover inside that folder.

If you want to tag your music manually download Mp3tag, this software will help you A LOT! And please consider doing this, and using Winyl :)
I'm sure you'll never use any other thing!