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Topic: Some tips and important problems  (Read 4069 times)

December 07, 2014, 05:03:48 PM
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Some tips and important problems
« on: December 07, 2014, 05:03:48 PM »
Sup nerds, just made this account in order to give you guys some quick, important tips, because i'm really liking winyl at the moment but it's got some problems.

1. When winyl starts, there needs to be an option for the Artists tab to already be open, or for the program to remember how you left the tabs when it was last closed.
2. The ability to hit a letter and be taken to the corresponding alphabetized Artists group. Pressing B, and being taken to the B artists. Or Q, and the Q's.
3. A wrapping ability inside the Artists albums list, having to scroll down constantly with artists with giant discographies is pretty annoying. Having a Squared layout akin to that of itunes would make it much easier.
4. The text which shows you what song you're currently listening to needs to be much bolder,and larger, and placed at the bottom of the player where the control buttons are, besides the song time. Like so,
5. The ability to choose between fading into song transitions or not, as far as i can tell there's no way to choose whether or not to have the slight fade effect used when switching tracks on or off. Personally, i'm really digging it, but the option to experiment would be appreciated.
6. The ability to jump directly to the Artist you're listening to by clicking a button, as it stands it's quite finicky to do. Clicking the song name/album graphic would be a pretty slick way of implementing this.
7. A windows edge snapping feature would be welcome.
8. A feature similar to itunes in which you can use the latest album artwork jpg as a way to navigate the Artists list, as an option of course. Being able to visually process Artists via their album artwork is a lot easier than doing so with their band name/name. This is one of the reasons itunes is so popular, giving people the option would make transitioning from itunes to winyl leagues easier than any other audio player.
9. The ability to close the Artists bar while positioned anywhere inside the bar. Say you're scrolled halfway down and want to go directly to your playlist tab, gotta scroll all the way up and close it manually.
10. There's a lot of white space in the player at the moment, putting something like a bookmarks bar for playlists across the top, replacing the track name/album, as pointed out previously, would be a very interesting feature.
11. A lot of the fonts blend together, and it's difficult to, say, see what year an album is from. And even what album you're listening to. The album title needs to be way bolder, and way larger in order to stand out. The spacing between albums also needs to be slightly larger, as they tend to visually run together.
12. Bit of a bug report, when clicking the artist, the albums can sometimes be jumbled, or when double clicking and going into an album that way using the artists tab, the reverse happens. It jumbles for no apparent reason.

Some of these are just tiny, but others are quite important. This is the first audio player i've ever used that doesn't aggravate crackling when changing tracks, or skipping positions in tracks, so whoever coded the audio playback, you have no idea how appreciative i am.